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Kashmir History Day 1

History of Kashmir information

History Of Kashmir before 1947:br /> Cradled in the lapof the majestic Himalayas, Kashmir is the arguably most beautiful place in the world. Kashmir is the only region of India to have a historical record of itsdistant past. Such is not the case with the other parts of India which led tothe 11th century, the Islamic scholar Alberuni to remark that Indians lack asense of history. Kashmir has also the distinction of producing historians of repute. Chief among them is Kalhan, the author of Rajatarangini. Bilhana wasanother Sanskrit historian who was born in Kashmir. The court poet at Kalyanain the South India, he authored Vikramankadeva-charita to celebrate the reignof Vikramaditya VI, the Chalukya king of Kalyana. Kashmir, if literally translated, means land desiccated from water:"ka" (the water) and shimeera (to desiccate). Tradition says that Kashmir was originally a lake that was drained by the great saint of ancientIndia Kashyap. It was included in the empire of Ashoka Maurya who is creditedwith the foundation of the city of Srinagar around the year 250 BC. During this period Buddhism spread in Kashmir and flourished under theKushans. During the reign of Kanishka, the third Buddhist council took place in Kashmir which has been attested by the 7th century Chinese traveler Hien Tsang.But Hinduism held its sway in the region. The 7th Century AD witnessed theestablishment of a dynasty called the Karkota whose foundation stone was laidby Durlabhavarrdhana. The most famous ruler of this dynasty was LalitadityaMuktapid who built the world famous sun temple (Martand) in Kashmir. TheKarkotas were supplanted by the Utpalas in 855 AD. The most important ruler ofthis dynasty was Avanti-verman. He recovered Kashmir from utter political andeconomic disorder into which Kashmir had fallen during the rule of hispredecessors. Didda, a Gupta widowed queen, ruled Kashmir until 1003 AD when the Lohara dynasty took over. Didda was a very unscrupulous and willful ladyand led a very immoral life. But in spite of these drawbacks, she ruled thevalley with firm hands.

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